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eRheo-21 - Portable Micro-Viscometer

eRheo-21 is an inexpensive viscometer able to determine newtonian and non-newtonian fluid viscosity with just one sample drop.

e-vroc extensional viscosity measurements



Minimum Sample Volume 50 μL
Viscosity Range 0 - 100 mPa-s
Shear Rate Range 0 - 100 s-1
Newtonian Fluid Yes
Non-Newtonian Fluid Yes
Typical Test Time <5 min

eRheo-21 Portable Micro-Viscometer

e-Rheo21 is a fast, cost-effective and accurate Point of Care In Vitro Diagnosis Device for helping in the diagnose and monitoring of haematological diseases. e-Rheo21 is a micro-viscometer, designed for blood measurements and able to characterise blood through blood viscosity pattern recognition algorithms. Our device revolutionizes the way blood's behaviour in motion is measured. Its combination of microfluidic technology, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence enables the analysis of rheological properties of the blood, identifying transfusion needs, blood status and diagnosis. This enables accurate, safe, and rapid medical decisions, thus saving blood, money, and time. Our technology gets fast, robust, and reliable results in under 5 minutes from a drop of blood. e-Rheo21 will improve the efficiency in haematology patients' clinical management on healthcare systems, introducing a new standard of personalized care for the detection and monitoring of haematological diseases.

eRheo-21 Portable Micro-Viscometer

  •           Minimum Sample Volume – 50 µL        
  •           Viscosity Range: 0 - 100 mPa-s
  •           Shear Rate Range:  0 - 100 s-1
  •           Characterization of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids

eRheo-21 Portable Micro-Viscometer


Applications include:

  • Support for the diagnosis of haematological diseases
  • Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids characterisation

Potentially used in the industrial sectors of:

  • Food and beverage
  • Cosmetics and Pharma
  • Oil companies
  • Inks





eRheo-21 Single-Use Microfluidic Cartidges

  • Controlled measurement conditions
  • Avoids sample evaporation
  • Prevents sample contamination
  • Low sample volume required
  • No cleaning required after use
  • No technical expertise required for use

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