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Rheo Diagnostics - Cloud-based haematology diagnostics delivered as a Service


Portable Micro Viscometer

eRheo-21 is a portable and compact viscometer which only requires 50ul of sample, making it ideal for low sample volume applications. eRheo-21 performs fast and accurate fluid viscosity measurements for both newtonian and non-newtonian fluids.


Non-stationary Pump

The Non-Stationary Pump of RheoDx is a compact, low-cost pump designed to generate a low oscillatory pressure with a controlled frequency via computer. The pump does not require any other element apart from itself and a computer to control and power it through a USB port.


Single-Use Microfluidic Cartridges

eRheo-21 sinlge-use microfluidic cartridge technology allows the creation of controlled measurement conditions, while avoiding sample evaporation and preventing sample contamination. This system reduces the need for equipment cleaning and eliminates the need for trained personnel to use it.

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